Learn how to successfully build, market and earn an online income from your Shopify store like a pro.

Join The Successful Shop Academy and you'll learn what it takes to be a
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Are you trying to figure out how to create the successful online store you've been dreaming of?

You've been researching and you're here because you're likely experiencing the following:

You're not

You don't need a web designer, you need help figuring things out.

You want to
save time

You want to work smarter and learn how to automate your online store.

Branding &
marketing are new 

You need guidance on how to market your online store like a pro.

You've scoured
Google & YouTube

You've searched. You need a solution that will help you set your store up.

You want to own a successful Shopify store... but...

Taking action on your dream to build a Shopify business can be a lot. It can even feel downright scary if you've never done it before.

You owe it to yourself to learn exactly what it takes to build, market and earn an online income like a pro.

The Successful Shop Academy was built for the entrepreneur whose ready to invest in themselves and secure a successful future with their Shopify store. 

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The Successful Shop Academy is like no other program out there. It will help you fast track your success.

Where else can you learn how to build, market and earn an income from your Shopify store in only 6 weeks? The Successful Shop Academy is the solution!


Learn from an experienced coach and Shopify store owner who knows what it takes to build, market and earn an online income.


Launch a professional online Shopify store in 6 weeks. No prior experience with e-commerce is required.


Save time and money by learning how to build, market and run your business with automated processes within Shopify.


There are 5 phases to launching a successful online store.

The Successful Shop Academy walks you through each of the 5 phases step-by-step:

6 weeks from now, you'll be a successful Shopify store owner.

You can have it all in 3 simple steps. All you have to do is:


Why you should join The Successful Shop Academy:

  • Get access to 3 x one on one coaching sessions where your strategy is priority.
  • Get 6 x weekly group coaching calls featuring live demonstrations and tutorials.
  • Access a comprehensive library of video content that teaches you how to build, brand, market and launch your store.
  • Download a workbook that helps keep you on track and provides the opportunity to capture key learnings and insights.
  • Build your brand, online store, and understand how to market it.
  • Join a private Facebook community where you can learn and connect with other Successful Shop Academy participants.
  • Get lifetime access to the online video library and Facebook community so you continue to benefit from new content that gets added.

What clients say about The Successful Shop Academy:

Jenny de M.

“Working with Sarah to build my Shopify site was not only a pleasure but an essential. Having direct access to her e-commerce knowledge and expertise really did save me so much time and energy. Sarah was always professional and friendly and I very much appreciated how she took the time to get to know me and my business and brand. I would highly recommend collaborating with Sarah for all of your e-commerce needs.”

Corey & Kelli D.

“Dietze Designz is very fortunate to have found Sarah Jansel. With Sarah being a business coach and an e-commerce specialist with Shopify she made our dream a reality, we can not thank Sarah enough for making our journey seamless. Sarah thinks of all the small things that you forget along the way. I also love the way that she makes you think of things from a different perspective. We are extremely satisfied that we made the decision to invest in Sarah because our business could not be where it is today without her.”


Meet your new Shopify coach and mentor.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I know what it's like to have a dream to turn something you love into a business. The world needs your passion, and you can earn. an income doing it! Setting up and running an online store can seem complicated at first. Especially when you're focused. on so many aspects of your business. That's why you need a coach to help you fast track it all.

Join The Successful Shop Academy! There is no other program like this out on the market. If you're ready to learn, I can show you how to build and launch your business like a pro. Let's get  started!


One investment, two ways to pay:


$2297.00 + tax


  • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions

  • 6 x group coaching calls

  • Video content library

  • Digital, printable workbook

  • Private Facebook community

  • Lifetime access
  • Access to big savings on future coaching programs


$897.00 + tax


  • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions

  • 6 x group coaching calls

  • Video content library

  • Digital, printable workbook

  • Private Facebook community

  • Lifetime access
  • Access to big savings on future coaching programs

The Successful Shop Academy is the perfect program for you if: