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Hey there!

Nice to meet you, I'm Sarah.

  • eCommerce Business Owner 
  • Shopify + e-Commerce Coach
  • Shopify Partner
  • Experienced Leader
  • Public Speaker
  • Fashion Enthusiast

What I Do

I help you make your e-commerce dreams come true by showing you how to take your product from idea to a fully built, flexible, scaleable, online shop. 


Pursuing A Passion...

I spent the last two decades of my career in a number of corporate roles for Fortune 500 companies; I earned the “big” executive titles. I have an MBA and a number of other diplomas and certificates on my wall. And you know what? Something was still missing!

I knew it was time to pursue my passions and hone in on my creativity. Now I'm running two of my own e-commerce businesses and helping you create yours too!

Being a coach is so amazing because you have the opportunity to create and show others what is possible. It's what led me here to help and show YOU how you can make it happen too.

Let's get started TODAY!


Now is the time to get your business online.

Still unsure? Take a look at what some of my clients had to say about their experience!

Corey & Kelli D.

“Dietze Designz is very fortunate to have found Sarah Jansel. With Sarah being a business coach and an ecommerce specialist with Shopify she made our dream a reality, we can not thank Sarah enough for making our journey seamless.
Sarah is very professional, has a great addictive personality and is always willing to take the time and go the extra mile. With Sarah owning her own business she shares the same passion for business as you do!
Sarah thinks of all the small things that you forget along the way. I also love the way that she makes you think of things from a different perspective. We are extremely satisfied that we made the decision to invest in Sarah because our business could not be where it is today without her.”

Nicole VanQ.

"I cannot recommend working with Sarah enough if you are a business looking for help with our e-commerce business. Sarah not only helped me with setting up my Shopify account but was also able to provide me with additional support on things like shipping, packaging and so on. She was able to answer all my questions, suggest solutions to my unique challenges and setup come up with fun ideas to help market my shop. I truly found so much value in our one-on-one sessions together!"

Romaine C.

"Our small business understands the importance of digital commerce.  We were struggling with our ability to stay current and agile in our new reality, and translate our unique business online.  The impact of Sarah's work goes far beyond her excellent technical understanding of the Shopify platform. She brought immense practical experience associated with her own on-line business,  understanding what we needed to achieve, how to achieve it, and offered support and guidance the whole way.  Our unique needs were met by Sarahs knowledge and problem solving ability, and her ability to listen to our concerns.  She made the transition understandable, achievable, and exciting!  If I knew the impact that this experience would have on our business… I wish I would have met Sarah sooner!"

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